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Legal Order Services

Introducing Collaborative Service for Assistance in Responding to Legal Orders

Many businesses receive hundreds or thousands of Legal Orders annually, requesting information. Among the businesses that receive the largest volume of subpoenas are banks and credit unions, insurance companies, finance and mortgage companies, credit reporting agencies, healthcare providers, and telecommunications companies. Most of these Legal Orders are issued by or from judicial authorities (like federal and state civil and criminal courts), regulatory authorities, IRS requests, Patriot Act subpoenas, law enforcement agencies, and others.

Legal Order Services offers an end-to-end solution as a service (SaaS) to assist in better managing the research and fulfillment of Legal Orders. We offer a collaborative, browser delivered solution that allows our team to work effectively side-by-side with your own response team. We can take on as many or as few of the research and fulfillment tasks as you agree is appropriate.

Our solution can:

    • Automate many of today's manual research and retrieval tasks
    • Better balance workloads amongst team members
    • Help meet deadlines
    • Improve manage the peak workloads
    • Assure compliance and management of risks
    • Save significant costs commencing on day of go-live
    • Reduce turnover of staff
    • Improve your ability to efficiently bill and collect cost recoveries you are entitled to

As the LOS solution is a service, not simply software, we manage and deploy the solution from world-class, secure infrastructure with our own technical staff and legal service professionals. This means that little, if any, up front capital investment is required.
Your cost savings and improved cost recoveries begin the day you go-live. You could not have a shorter payback period than... immediately.